Vector Fleet Management Launches Apprenticeship Program for Employees

Vector Fleet Management Launches Apprenticeship Program for Employees

Fleet Maintenance Service Provider

Vector Fleet Management is starting a new apprenticeship program that will be available to all entry-level fleet maintenance technicians and existing employees who are interested in pursuing careers in entry-level technician positions, including yard or fueling personnel.

Technicians who do not already have an on-site toolbox are eligible to participate in the program. They can use tools provided by the company during training. After 2 years of employment, the tools will be theirs to own.

To qualify for the program, the following guidelines and requirements must be met:

  • All pre-hire technician tests must be completed by the fleet technician.
  • Prior to performing any mechanical work, the technician must satisfy all of the training requirements.
  • Every three months, the Site Manager will conduct a toolbox inventory with the technician present.
  • The technician will be issued company-owned tools that they will be responsible for, along with any tools that are missing during inventory checks.
  • A Technician’s Toolbox Usage Agreement will be issued agreeing to the conditions and terms of the program and must be signed by the technician.

Once a technician has completed 24 consecutive months of employment with Vector Fleet Management, along with meeting the conditions and terms of the apprenticeship program, the tools are theirs to keep at no extra cost to the employee, and they will be well on their way to achieving fulfilling careers as maintenance technicians or as yard or fueling personnel.

This program is an excellent opportunity for new or existing hires that are looking to grow with the company on a long-term basis.

About Vector Fleet Management

A dedicated service provider with corporate offices based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Vector Fleet Management is involved with industries ranging from government fleet maintenance (including county and municipal levels) and commercial fleet maintenance (including construction and mining) to utilities/communication, food service/beverage, energy and transportation, even offering custom fleet management programs.

Additionally, the company is proud to be U.S. owned and operated, and has been a trusted partner for contract fleet maintenance since 1988.

Vector Fleet Management continues to invest in its employees, tooling, systems, diagnostics and additional products. With modern diagnostic equipment and its Fleet Management Information System and expertise with several other FMIS platforms, the company is able to provide customers with competencies that save time and money, with commitments governed by Performance Thresholds – accountability metrics which ensure the highest level of service excellence.

Vector Fleet Management corporate offices are located at 9300 Harris Corners Parkway Suite 350 in Charlotte and can be reached by calling (704) 912-0377. For more information visit

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Published at Sun, 16 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0000