TWX Auto Focuses on Bringing High Quality Car Care Products to Consumers

TWX Auto Focuses on Bringing High Quality Car Care Products to Consumers

TWX Auto Focuses on Bringing High Quality Car Care Products to Consumers

Dusseldorf, Germany, December 18, 2019 –(– TWX Auto, today’s choice of thousands of car detailing professionals around the world, recently introduced their new line of car detailing products in Europe. The professional kit contains a comprehensive package of products to enable anyone to effortlessly clean, maintain and extend the life of its automobile. The mission of TWX Auto in the global car detailing products market is to provide high-quality products at a good price to its customers.

TWX Auto products list include:

TWX Auto Interior® – an all purpose car interior cleaner. This is a non-greasy formula with anti-static agents that removes dirt, grime, and unwanted odours. It restores a car’s interior surfaces and prevents dust buildup.

TWX Auto Windows® – a water-repelling nano coating for car windows. A super-hydrophobic formula that reduces the accumulation of dirt and dust on the car’s glass and protects it from dirt, staining and heavy rain.

TWX Auto Leather® – leather cleaner and conditioner. The 2-in-1 formula that allows the user to clean, polish and condition all the leather in one step. It removes dirt, body oils, sweat and light stains from both natural and synthetic leather materials.

TWX Auto Exterior® – waterless clean, wax and protect car exterior. This 3-in-1 advanced formula cleans and protects car’s exterior with no water. The spray can be used on paint, metal and plastic surfaces on cars, boats and motorbikes.

TWX Auto Tires® – a gel for shiny tires. Designed to clean and protect rubber surfaces from the impact of harmful UV rays. At the same time, it provides clean and high-gloss shine.

TWX Auto Wax® – a super wax perfect finish, designed to protect and polish dust, fingerprints and spots of different origin. The solution polishes and seals car’s surface with no streaks left behind.

Currently, all customers can buy each of the products at a discounted price at TWX Auto’s official website –

Published at Wed, 18 Dec 2019 08:00:00 +0000