Plant-Grow Inc. announces no-risk farmer program for beneficial…

Plant-Grow Inc. announces no-risk farmer program for beneficial…

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Mary Kimani, Director of Sales, notes that “Our risk-free trial program enables farmers to see immediate yield increases and profitability gains, all with sustainability benefits from reduced fertilizer run-off. We help farmers increase profitability while improving their bottom line.”

Plant-Grow Inc., a company that provides the latest plant growth technology and equipment for the agricultural industry, announces a risk-free program for new customers to try our innovative solution to improve soil fertility and increase NPK conversion uptake for plants.

Farmers are at a crossroads and face many challenges including low domestic demand, storm recovery, international tariffs, stored supply and competition. Plant-Grow expects to help American farmers level the playing field with its patented products.

The trial program enables farmers to be confident that the Plant-Grow’s beneficial microbes actually improve yield and profit. A new customer pays 50% at the delivery of Plant-Grow product, and if the farmer does not see a positive return on investment, then Plant-Grow will refund the initial payment. Should the grower have a positive ROI, the remaining 50% will be due upon harvest.

Plant-Grow is confident of its products’ efficacy – recently, the program was trialed with the participation of 20 farmers elevating yields by an average of 20 percent. Plant-Grow microbial technology has garnered excellent results with row crops such as rice, corn, cotton, soy, and wheat plus a variety of other plants including almonds, peaches, walnuts, pistachios, grapes, sugarcane, tomatoes, chili peppers, carrots, onions, cherries, and berries.

Being a bio-innovation company, Plant-Grow has developed a platform specially designed for agriculture along with environmental water treatment solutions. Over the years, Plant-Grow has dedicated their time and energy to restoring soil health and solving the water crisis globally. “When there are healthy soil and sufficient supply of water, we can expect that there will be sustainability in the food supply. We have dedicated our best effort to come up with our first product that can effectively enhance the growth of the roots.

Through our microbial solutions, a healthy plant can be produced. Our microbial solutions are not only for the current agriculture environment but will also impact the next generation,” expresses June Gitau, Managing Director of Plant-Grow Kenya. The microbial solutions are patented and patent-pending through the IP boutique firm The Patent Law Office, PC.

The use of Plant-Grow products contributes to healthy soils that contain microbes necessary for preventing disease, reducing plant stress, and restoring nutrients. The microbes help plants absorb nutrients more efficiently, reducing run-offs into our streams and lakes. Thus, it’s a win-win for the earth and for farmers.

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Published at Fri, 06 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0000