Local Author Shares Little-Known Tale of Michigan Teen Titanic Survivor Ruth Becker in “The Stars in April”

Local Author Shares Little-Known Tale of Michigan Teen Titanic Survivor Ruth Becker in “The Stars in April”

Fact-Based Historical Fiction on Teen Titanic Survivor Ruth Becker, “The Stars in April” Releases Worldwide in Spring 2021.

Saginaw, MI, June 29, 2020 –(PR.com)– Local author Peggy Wirgau’s debut novel “The Stars in April,” based on a little-known true story of teen Michigander and Titanic Survivor, Ruth Becker, releases worldwide March 2021, in time for the April anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The year is 1912. When doctors are unable to treat her baby brother’s illness, Ruth’s family decides to leave India and return to Michigan. But India is the only home Ruth knows, and she must abruptly leave, facing a long journey to England and culminating in a voyage to New York aboard the brand-new Titanic.

Acquired by IlluminateYA, an imprint of Iron Stream Media, “The Stars in April” is historical fiction for ages 11 and up with cross-over appeal for older readers and adult Titanic enthusiasts. Like all good stories, this book has a tale behind its creation. People who knew Ruth Becker reached out to Peggy through her blog and shared true stories she later incorporated into the book, like monkeys crashing a tea party.

Floyd Andrick, Titanic Historical Society member and friend of Ruth Becker, shared he was with Ruth Becker at the 75th anniversary gathering of Titanic survivors, where she was reunited with a friend she thought had perished in the sinking. Andrick says of Peggy’s novel, “I feel as though I’m sitting in Ruth’s apartment and she is sharing her life story with me. This could very easily be a non-fiction account … so very well written … one can hardly stop reading.”

“The Stars in April” is a character driven novel with gorgeous writing and a memorable cast, including a circus boy, an Irish immigrant, and the ship’s orchestra leader. “We found the plot to be fascinating and were impressed by the poetic style of writing,” says IlluminateYA Acquiring Editor Tessa Hall. “This book will strongly appeal to our readers, given comments from some early evaluators:

“Her use of constellations and stars throughout to describe her journey creates a very moving and innocent allegory of her physical and faith journey. Truly, Ruth is a bold and curious girl who takes the reader along with her on a journey that turns out to be far more than just a simple journey across the world.”

“Most impactful were the characters of Ann O’Hara, the 3rd class Irish girl Ruth befriends, and the violinist of Titanic’s orchestra – their lives, real beacons of faith and kindness,which makes their deaths so poetic. Not ashamed to say I was moved to tears.”

“The ending was pinnacle and so very poignant. All the threads came together perfectly, and I was completely satisfied.”

“I loved this book. I’d read it again, and I’d want it on my shelf … It’s truly a beautiful, well-told, and historical sensitive story that is perfect for the audience and even their parents/teachers/any adults really … I could read more of this author’s work in a heartbeat – I just love the style.”

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Peggy Wirgau loves bringing history to life through stories of real women. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and George Mason University, author, editor, and contributor to Why? Titanic Moments by Yvonne Lehman. Peggy and her husband have two adult children and live in Michigan and Delray Beach, Florida. “The Stars in April” is her first novel. Learn more at www.peggywirgau.com.

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