Goodwin Recruiting Celebrates 20 Years of Success and Life Balance

Goodwin Recruiting Celebrates 20 Years of Success and Life Balance

The Goodwin Recruiting team celebrates 20 years of success in Austin

The Goodwin Recruiting team celebrates 20 years of success in Austin

Whatever it is you’d like to do in life, whatever balance you seek to achieve, or financial goals you hope to achieve, you can do that here.

Goodwin & Associates Hospitality Services (GAHS) celebrated its 20th Anniversary this weekend in Austin, Texas. Eric Goodwin began GAHS in 1999 in Concord, NH. As a regional restaurant director, Eric was motivated by the obvious lack of recruiters who understood hiring needs for hospitality. Recruiting was the initial service offered by Eric Goodwin as he built GAHS.

The Anniversary celebration was held at the Hangar Lounge in Austin. It was attended by over 100 of GAHS employees and partners. When speaking to the crowd, Eric Goodwin said, “Looking back I am very proud of the high-quality work that we do. We have always been very passionate about getting better and improving all the time. One thing I love about this team is that we are never satisfied. We are always ambitious, and we are always trying to create the best possible experience for all our partners so they can hit their targets. We are maniacal about that.”

Today, GAHS maintains a strong focus on the hospitality and restaurant industries while branching into additional industries, including Finance & Accounting, Manufacturing & Engineering, Senior Living & Healthcare, Executive Search, and Customer Experience. The GAHS umbrella of businesses includes Goodwin Recruiting, 360 Intel, The Friendly Toast restaurants, and Lure Bar & Kitchen.

Eric’s decision to create GAHS originally stemmed from his desire to provide a better life-balance for his family. Over time, Eric realized that GAHS could provide a better life-balance for many hospitality professionals. Goodwin Recruiting transforms expertise in restaurant management into lucrative recruiting careers with the freedom to work remotely for hundreds of people. It provides a bridge to a career that allows hospitality professionals across the US to find the work-life balance they need. It is a career opportunity Goodwin Recruiting is proud to continue to provide today to hospitality professionals interested in a career in hospitality recruiting. Goodwin emphasized, “This company provided me the chance to be a great dad. I wish that for everyone. Whatever it is you’d like to do in life, whatever balance you seek to achieve, or financial goals you hope to achieve, I hope that you can do that here.”

Goodwin Recruiting is proud to be a part of the GAHS family of businesses as they celebrate 20 years of growth, service, and excellence. You can learn more about Goodwin Recruiting on Goodwin Recruiting’s website.


Eric Goodwin founded GoodwinRecruiting (initially named Goodwin & Associates Hospitality Services) in 1999, and the company has experienced strong, year-over-year growth ever since. Beginning with a focus on hospitality, they have expanded their scope to a variety of industries but held true to the commitment to provide personalized service to all of their candidates and clients. Every member of the recruiting team carries an extensive background within their field, so they are specialized in speaking the language and establishing game-changing partnerships with employers and job seekers alike. They are committed to being the best matchmakers in the recruiting industry nationwide.


In 1999, Eric Goodwin, our Chairman, started Goodwin & Associates Hospitality Services (GAHS) after several years in the hospitality industry, owning restaurants and businesses. It was there that he recognized a real need for consistent and better delivery of customer experiences. As Goodwin Hospitality grew, we expanded into three core business areas, each dedicated to a specific industry:

  • Goodwin Hospitality: Hospitality
  • Customer Prophet: Retail
  • Campus Feedback: Higher Education

To better serve our more diverse client base, we united under one brand, 360 Intel, in 2018. 360 Intel capitalizes on our strong heritage and mystery shopping expertise. At 360 Intel, we offer even greater industry breadth plus more in-depth services for a 360-perspective on your customers’ experiences. We believe that under the 360 Intel brand, with our program of expanded services, we can focus on what truly drives the customer experience. Beginning with the mystery shopping program as a lynchpin, we can help our clients pivot to amazing customer experiences.


The Friendly Toast serves up creative meals in a truly unique atmosphere and offers a fun and exciting dining experience morning, noon, and night. The Friendly Toast offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, every day, alongside a full bar with unique drinks to match (think bacon-infused Bloody Marys, Dreamsicle cocktails, & mimosa flights). We use the freshest ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible), and we’re environmentally friendly.


Lure Bar & Kitchen opened in late fall 2018 and is located in Downtown Portsmouth. Lure is a scratch kitchen serving coastal cuisine with a focus on sourcing sustainably-sharable plates; thoughtful, local offerings; craft cocktails; warm hospitality; and a deep commitment to our Seacoast community. The space is small and inviting, with floor-to-ceiling windows, an open kitchen, and a beautiful 15-seat bar at its center. Our monthly community events include local pop-ups, pairings, classes, & nonprofit partnerships.

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