State Winners for 2019 Longest Married Couple Project Announced by Worldwide Marriage Encounter

State Winners for 2019 Longest Married Couple Project Announced by Worldwide Marriage Encounter

San Bernardino, CA, June 07, 2019 –(– The 2019 state winners of the ninth annual Longest Married Couple Project, sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), the original faith-based marriage enrichment program in this country, were announced today.

“As we enter the month and June and what is traditionally known as National Marriage Month, it is awesome to us the number of state winner couples who been married 70 years or more,” explained Tony & Sue Morris and Fr. Tom Ogg, the United States Leadership Team for WWME.

“As in previous years there were many, many nominations submitted,” the Morris’ explained, adding, “And, with those nominations we saw couples married 40 or 50 years being recognized by family and friends as they submitted their names to the Longest Married Couple Project.”

The 2019 longest married couple in the United States, based on the nominations submitted, is DW & Willie Williams from Charlotte, NC. They are married over 81 years having made their marriage vows on August 17, 1937. The Morris’ and Fr. Ogg will be honoring Mr. & Mrs. Williams at a special ceremony in their hometown of Charlotte at the First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church on Saturday, June 15th.

The WWME leadership team noted that there were 35 state winners who are married 70 plus years.

As in previous years of the LMC project, which is in its 9th year, individual state winners will be recognized and honored by couples involved with Worldwide Marriage Encounter during the month of June or at a time convenient for the winning state couple and their families.

Winners of the project are automatically made members of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Longest Married Couple Project Alumni group. Couples cannot succeed themselves each year as either national or state winners, thus giving an opportunity to honor other longest married couples across the country.

The Morris’ also pointed out that the project is based on nominations received from Feb. 14th to May 14th this year. They also said there there were no nominations this year from two states, Nevada and Utah.

The list of the 2018 state winners along with their hometowns and wedding dates are as follows:

James & Gloria Albright Talladega, AL, June 21, 1950, 68 years

Deacon Bill & Sharon Frost Wasilla, AK, June 9, 1956, 63 years

Don & Audrey Schmit Scottsdale, AZ, May 10, 1949, 70 years

Cleovis & Arwilda Whiteside White Hall, AR, July 24, 1939, 79 years

Bill & Betty Nelson Vista, CA, Aug. 27, 1952, 66 years

Archie & Joyce Lickers Grand Junction, CO, April 17, 1954, 65 years

Fernand & Pauline Nadeau East Hartford, CT, July 19, 1947, 71 years

Joseph & Joan Barba Wilmington, DE, Oct. 5, 1957, 61 years

Charles & Emily Pearce Viera, FL, Nov. 26, 1943, 75 years

Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Plains, GA, July 7, 1946, 72 years

Victor Jr & Billie Martino Kihei, Maui, HI, Feb. 6, 1943, 76 years

Keith & Dorothy Elliott Nampa, ID, Nov. 10, 1946, 72 years

Eugene & Delores Ehrhard Columbia, IL, Mar. 16, 1946, 73 years

Ray D & Bettie A Myers Waveland, IN, Feb. 26, 1944, 75 years

Norbert & Marie Hammes Fairfield, IA, Nov. 28, 1940, 78 years

Leonard & Maxine Zerr Quinter, KS, Oct. 7, 1947, 71 years

James & Ann Hartman Louisville, KY, June 7, 1947, 71 years

Roy & Gloria Gibbens St. Gabriel, LA, Oct. 18, 1947, 71 years

Alexander & Dorothy Pesce Windham, ME, July 14, 1951, 71 years

Bill & Amee McCarthy Elkton, MD, Nov. 25, 1941, 77 years

Fernand & Madeline Mederios Taunton, MA Oct 5, 1946 72 years

Ernest & Elizabeth Harbin Flushing, MI, May 22, 1946, 73 years

Paul & Julia Sersha Virginia, MN, April 7, 1943, 76 years

Robert & Norma Jean Wendt Oxford, MS, April 10, 1946, 73 years

Paul & Lucy Sprenger O’Fallon, MO, May 16, 1943, 76 years

Darrell & Dorothy Brown Missoula, MT, Nov. 11, 1951, 67 years

Bob & Alice Cruise Ravenna, NE June 15, 1941 77 years

New Hampshire
James & Josephine Marchi Franklin, NH, June 21, 1947, 71 years

New Jersey
Lenny & Angie McGinley Union, NJ, Feb. 12, 1956, 63 years

New Mexico
Victor & Evelyn Graham Albuquerque, NM, July 19, 1942, 76 years

New York
Barry Jr & Edna Sparks Watervliet, NY, April 8, 1949, 70 years

North Carolina
Stephan & Peggy Melillo Garner, NC, July 4, 1948, 70 years

North Dakota
Leo & Martha Jahner Bismarck, ND, Oct. 13, 1947, 71 years

Don & Shirley Wiegele Cincinnati, OH, Nov. 29, 1947, 71 years

Eddie & Norma Chambers Midwest City, OK, Jan. 25, 1941, 78 years

Donald & Clara Parquet McMinnville, OR, Oct. 23, 1943, 75 years

Gordon & Marge Griffey West Springfield, PA, June 26, 1948, 70 years

Rhode Island
Richard & Rosemary Dujardin Providence, RI, July 21, 1968, 50 years

South Carolina
Reggie & Anne Salisbury Summerville, SC, July 19, 1947, 71 years

South Dakota
John & Joyce Mechtenberg Parkton, SD, June 30, 1947, 71 years

Joe & Barbara Nicolosi Franklin, TN, June 26, 1953, 65 years

John Thomas & Gloria Faith Bates Dallas, TX, July 2, 1955, 63 years

Lawrence & Dorothy O’Rourke Woodstock, VT, Oct. 18, 1947, 71 years

A J & Lillie Reeves Rocky Mount, VA, Jan. 25, 1941, 78 years

Allen & Bonnie Hollett Gig Harbor, WA, Jan. 30, 1943, 76 years

West Virginia
Edward & Pauline Bernatowicz Kingwood, WV, Feb. 14, 1953, 66 years

Donald & Elaine Gibson Oshkosh, WI, May 16, 1953, 66 years

Lou & Mary Lou Montoya Wheatland, WY, Nov. 26, 1949, 69 years

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