Chateau Gaby Owner Tom Sullivan Inducted into the Prestigious…

Chateau Gaby Owner Tom Sullivan Inducted into the Prestigious…

Tom Sullivan of Vignobles Sullivan drinks from the Gentlemen Brotherhood of Fronsac chalice.

Vignobles Sullivan vineyard owner Tom Sullivan has been recognized by the Commanderie des Gentilshommes de Fronsac et Canon-Fronsac, which translates to the Gentlemen Brotherhood of Fronsac, for his commitment to the Bordeaux wine region as well as he and Château Gaby winemaker Damien Landouar’s innovative winemaking approach. During the 2018 growing season, the duo used genodics – the practice of utilizing music played at price decibels and times of day – to boost vine immunity and ward off disease without the use of chemical pesticides. Other inductees included Walter Dietrich Schmid, Philippe Buisson, Gilles Troulet, Thomas Noël, Oliver Brouzet, Alain David and Sylvian Poignet.

The ceremony, hosted at Château de La Rivière, included the ceremonial presentation of the red and blue cloak of the Duchy of Fronsac. After taking an oath to continue their promotion of Fronsac and Canon-Fronsac wines, inductees received the brotherhood medallion and sipped from the ceremonial chalice.

“Château Gaby is truly the embodiment of the Vignobles Sullivan family of wines,” says Sullivan. “Its prime location – nestled between the Dordogne River and the Canon-Fronsac hillside – paired with the limestone soil make for an ideal growing environment. Our goal has been to highlight these idyllic conditions with the most pure and natural approach. We’re hopeful that we will continue to see a successful yield from this holistic approach and grateful to the Brotherhood of Fronsac for recognizing our efforts.”

Château Gaby will begin bottling the 2016 vintage in May of this year. Visit to learn where Château Gaby is sold and served.

About Château Gaby

Château Gaby, located in the Right Bank region of Bordeaux, has been making world-class wine for 350 years. This all-natural winegrowing estate produces one of Bordeaux’s best kept secrets. Château Gaby has won numerous awards including a three-time ranking within the top 2% of wines in Le Grand Classement de Vins de Bordeaux. To learn more, visit

About Vignobles Sullivan

Vignobles Sullivan is a culture-driven importer of wines with quality, personality and value. Representing four esteemed vineyards across one of the finest winegrowing regions in the world, Vignobles Sullivan is dedicated to sharing the story of the all-natural winegrowing region of Bordeaux. To learn more, visit

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